Victim Escaped Dungeon-Case Suspect in Texas, Led Police to Weston’s House

Plus: Flyers get another win, a P.I. thinks she's cracked a 1964 Chesco murder, the Phils say goodbye to Oswalt and Lidge, and more of what Philly is buzzing about today

Dungeon-Case Victim in Texas Comes Forward, Led Police to Weston After Escaping. A woman has come forward alleging that Linda Ann Weston kept her locked in a closet in Texas for two weeks. She says that she escaped by kicking through the closet door and leaving the house through a window. She ran to a police station and led local police to Weston’s home and even told about the people in the attic. Police knocked on Weston’s door, but said they didn’t see anything wrong and that there was nothing they could do. [Daily News]

Flyers Get Win Behind Jagr and Hartnell. The Giroux, Jagr, Hartnell line accounted for all four of the Flyers goals last night as they beat the Leafs 4-2. Jagr and Hartnell each put two in the net when neither had any goals to their name entering the contest. Chris Pronger left the game early after catching a stick in the eye, but should be all right. [The 700 Level]

Private Investigator Believes She’s Solved 1964 West Chester Murder. On October 24, 1964, Connie Evans turned 15 and went missing while walking two miles into West Chester from her family’s home. After an exhaustive search, Evans’ body was found in a shallow grave—she’d been strangled. Despite a thorough and ongoing investigation from police, Evans’ killer was never found. Now—47 years later—private investigator Eileen Law (profiled in Philly Mag in May of this year) is convinced she knows who killed Connie Evans. [Inquirer]

Phillies Let Lidge and Oswalt Go. The Phillies declined to pick up options on starting pitcher Roy Oswalt and relief pitcher Brad Lidge. Hey Brad—we know it’s been a while and the fans are still bitter about the end of 2011, but thanks for going perfect back in ’08. [FOX 29]

Woman Says Officer Intentionally Used a Cruiser to Pin Her Son to a Wall. On October 16th, a Philadelphia man fled when police chased him while searching for an armed gunman. The man fled in a car, and then on foot. The ordeal ended with the man pinned against a building by a police cruiser. The suspect’s mother has filed a report with internal affairs alleging that the officer in pursuit did this to her son intentionally. [FOX 29]

Are Red Light Cameras Helping or Hurting? Philadelphia Police and the PPA are at odds over how the traffic cameras are affecting accident rates at intersections. [Inquirer]