Top 5 Posts of the Week

What you should've been reading

1. “David Boreanaz Hits Red Carpet at Kimmel Center” by HughE Dillon
The Kimmel hosted the Philly-raised actor, his wife, actress Carla Gugino and more for the screening of The Mighty Macs, a movie about the Immaculata women’s basketball team in the ’70s. Read more.

2. “Maybe Sarah Palin Was Right About Death Panels” by Larry Mendte
A local woman’s visit to Lansdale Hospital exposes some troubling stats about elder health care. Read more.

3. “Why Herman Cain Should Not Be President” by Michael Coard
His loony 9-9-9 tax scheme, his idolizing of Clarence Thomas, his quoting of Pokemon and more. Read more.

4. “End Occupy Philly” by Annie Monjar
Pizza parties and ’80s proms are undermining the message, so it’s time for the Occupiers to go home and stop pretending to be Martin Luther King Jr. Read more.

5. “TV News Crosses Line With Moammar Gadhafi Video” by Larry Mendte
The networks rushed to repeatedly air what’s basically a snuff film. Read more.