Pride Day at the Zoo

Local LGBT groups head to the Philadelphia Zoo this weekend

Local LGBT groups invite the community to join them again this year at the Philadelphia Zoo for a special day dedicated to gay families and friends. On Saturday, October 15th, the Philadelphia Zoo, along with the William Way Community Center, Philadelphia Gay News, Philadelphia Gay Tourism Caucus, The Attic Youth Center and The Sapphire Fund, will spend the day enjoying the sites and networking at this, America’s first zoo.

Attendees are encouraged to show their pride between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. when there will be plenty of family-friendly activities for people of all ages, as well as networking and information available from each of the LGBT non-profits. Because who doesn’t love to ride the famous Zoo Balloon and visit the monkey house?

“This is the third annual LGBT community day at the zoo,” says Andrea Rodgers, the zoo’s manager of events and community partnerships. “Pride Day is a great day to come to the zoo with your family, friends or significant other and enjoy the animals [and] to celebrate the awesome diversity of the LGBT community.”

Rodgers tells us there will be plenty to do for gay families, couples and individuals during Pride Day, including live entertainment from the Broozers Band, a scavenger hunt featuring little-known facts about homosexuality in the animal kingdom and a spotlight on well-known LGBT people who have impacted zoology. There will also be a featured storybook reading of And Tango Makes Three, a children’s book about two male penguins who raise a baby penguin that’s actually based on a true story.

“This day is a unique opportunity to interact and engage with members and allies of the community. It’s a fun day with many resources available for everyone,” adds Rodgers. “Guests of all ages will experience great entertainment, majestic animals and opportunities for LGBT individuals of all ages to celebrate.”

To purchase discounted tickets, click here and use the promo code “GAYDAY.”