Was Jesus Gay?

Michael Moore's recent joke has some believers in a tailspin

During a recent event at Georgetown University in Washington D.C., Michael Moore made a crack about Jesus being gay. “You know those 12 men Jesus was always hanging out with? Mhm.” is reportedly what the documentarian said, according to conservative website The Blaze.

That wasn’t the only thing the website called Moore out for – apparently they weren’t too pleased with his language either – namely his frequent dropping of the “F” bomb on the Christian campus.

The comments, however “jokey,” and the language, however crass, may have been a stretch for the Jesuit school and at least some audience members who listened to Moore speak last week. But Moore, as we all know, seems to thrive on controversy wherever he goes. Does that make his Jesus jab more or less of an issue? Haven’t we come to expect this sort of thing from the guy who made Bowling for Columbine?

In fairness, he’s not the first person to make a joke about the 12 apostles – nor will he be the last. But critics are already saying he went too far. And for some people, going “too far” can mean even suggesting that someone is gay. And if you ask us, that’s exactly where the real problem lies.

Homosexuality shouldn’t be a bad word. Not when it’s about coming out. Not when it’s being used to define someone’s sexuality. In fact, this sort of backwards thinking is really at the heart of the bullying epidemic that’s making young people take their own lives at higher rates. And it’s just as much of a bane for the faithful who may have trouble reconciling their own feelings with church doctrine.

So what do you think? Was Moore wrong to joke about Jesus? Is it ever fair to joke about religion? Should he apologize – or not?