Another Flood Warning for Greater Philadelphia Area

Plus: Michael Vick cleared to play, Phils lose again, Robert Gates awarded a medal, and more of what the city is buzzing about today

So, We Might Have Another Flood on Our Hands. A flood watch has been issued from Friday morning to Saturday afternoon for much of the area. Heavy rainfall is expected and it’s unclear if the system will prove enough to cause rivers in the area to flood again. The Scoop isn’t all that worried since he hasn’t packed up his snorkel or arm floaties from the last time. [NBC Philadelphia]

Michael Vick Cleared to Play for Sunday. Michael Vick must’ve done a swell job reciting his nursery rhymes and coloring inside the lines because Philly’s starting quarterback has been cleared by medical personnel to participate in all football activities, including Sunday’s home opener against the Giants. [6 ABC]

Phillies Losing Streak Reaches Six Games. The Scoop doesn’t want to talk about the Phillies or their last six games. These games don’t matter, but he’s still a little frightened that the Fightin’s just got swept by a team that hasn’t posted a winning record since 2003. [The 700 Level]

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates Awarded 2011 Liberty Medal. Robert Gates—who served as the secretary of defense for both George W. Bush and President Obama—was awarded the 2011 Liberty Medal from the National Constitution Center yesterday. In a Q&A following the event, Gates compared the military policies of the two administrations he served for. [Daily News]

Police Blow Up Briefcase Found on SEPTA Train. Yesterday, Philadelphia Police went all Jack Bauer on us and blew up an unattended briefcase found on a SEPTA train. It’s unknown if the item had any explosives in it; PPD blew it off the Earth just to be sure. []

FBI Raids Traffic Court Judge’s Office. Yesterday the FBI raided the Spring Garden offices of Traffic Court Judge Michael Sullivan—alleging that Sullivan steered work and scrapped tickets for cash. And the Scoop thought he’d get through the week without a suspected corruption scandal—how naive. [6 ABC]

Fan Throws Banana at Wayne Simmonds in Canada. Sometimes, the world just sucks. One of those times was last night when a fan at the preseason game between the Flyers and Red Wings in Ontario threw a banana peel out onto the ice while Wayne Simmonds—one of the new Flyers brought in during the off-season—was about to score a goal in a shootout. Simmonds is African-American, and the gesture is presumed to be racially motivated. Stay classy, Ontario. [The 700 Level]