Trash Talking With Temple and Penn State

Fact checking insults from fans of both teams at Saturday's big game

Everything I know about football, I learned from Friday Night Lights (the phenomenal and, as of last night, award-winning TV series, not the mediocre movie) but the view from my couch was much different than the view from section 128 of the Linc on Saturday. My boyfriend’s parents—fervent worshippers at the altar of Joe Paterno—scored us great seats for the Nittany Lions vs. the Owls from my alma mater, Temple University.

It was my very first time at a football game—and it sure was hilarious. It turns out, football fans don’t know anything about the art of trash talk—first rule of trash talk: get your facts straight. Here, I’ve fact-checked some of the silliest things overheard at the game.