An AIDS Retrospective

"1981-Until It's Over" paints a picture of the disease in Philly from the very beginning

This year has proven to be watershed when it comes to HIV and AIDS. Not only have we marked the 30th anniversary of the first time this then-mystery killer was acknowledged, but we have also remembered those lost and others who have made a significant impact on how we prevent, treat and manage living with the disease today.

This week, the William Way with the AIDS Fund takes an intimate look at AIDS in the community with a new multimedia display, “1981-Until It’s Over” (with an opening reception on Sept. 15 from 6 to 8 p.m.) at the center. The exhibition not on takes a close look at important milestones during the last 30 years of the epidemic, but it also considers the local impact, with a focus on 25 years of the annual AIDS Walk and other moments and people of significance in this awareness crusade.

Also included are transcripts of important speeches (like the first time President Ronald Reagan ever even mentioned the word “AIDS”), as well as memorabilia, newspaper and magazine articles, and items from The AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania’s historical archives.

Four videos will also premiere at Thursday’s reception as part of the series “AIDS in Philly,” highlighting the growth and development of local organizations, the work of community members, and the current state of HIV/AIDS in Philadelphia.

Here’s a clip: