What We Love: Truth Wins Out

The advocacy group will protest one of the largest ex-gay conferences next month

Philly may get criticized for lots of things in the media, like the way it looks, what it eats and who plays for which team, but at least the Love Won Out ex-gay conference isn’t being held here next month. That unfortunate honor goes to Houston where Exodus International’s reparative therapy wackos will be out in full force, praising the notion that gays and lesbians can “pray the gay away.”

Fortunately for the LGBT community, Truth Wins Out, a group that fights “anti-gay lies and ex-gay myths,” (they uncovered news earlier this summer about Michele Bachmann’s husband’s clinic operating gay conversion therapy) will be protesting the Sept. 7-10 event. The group will be joined by other local and national LGBT organizations for a planned protest on Sept. 10.

Truth Wins Out is also hosting a series of events that help dispel myths about the ex-gay movement, including an overview by the organization’s founder Wayne Besen who will discuss the flawed techniques being used to try and turn gay people straight, and the political impact that the movement has on gay rights today.

The group will also screen a new documentary that chronicles the experience of Zach Stark, a gay teen who was forced into ex-gay ministry Love in Action against his will.

Here’s the trailer:

A full list of events are available here.