Gaga the Drag King

The pop star performed at the VMAs last night - as a man, baby

Lobster heels? Caged head? Winged fancy? Nah. This year Lady Gaga opted to show up at the MTV Video Music Awards in full drag. She performed her latest hit “You and I” dressed as her drag king alter ego Jo Calderon from the video. She also gave Britney Spears a lifetime achievement award and accepted her own moonman, ironically, for best female performer -dressed as a dude.

“I feel so blessed to be here,” she told audiences after winning. “It doesn’t matter how you are – gay, straight, bi, lesbian, transgendered – you were born this way.”

We even caught her “male bonding” with Kanye and Queen’s Brian May, and drinking what appeared to be Scotch with the boys.

Check it out:


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