Who We Love: Sandra Bernhard

The actor and performer joins the Trailblazer Campaign

She had us at Without You I’m Nothing and held onto us through Roseanne and The L Word. We love us some Sandra Bernhard thanks to her humor, honesty and ability to channel Laura Nyro with ease (ever hear her sing?). And while we fondly remember her appearance a few years ago at Philly Gay Pride (with the exception of a certain obnoxious audience member who yelled nasty things at the diva) Bernhard has recently got our attention once again by joining the Trailblazer Campaign, a group created to inspire entertainers to “come out, come out, whoever they are” and to be an inspiration for young people. And as she reminds us in a new video, Miss Sandra has never not been honest about being exactly who she is. That’s why we adore her.

Check it out: