The Bi Side of Jersey Shore?

Is it real - or just a reality TV show ploy?

Did you see the latest episode of the Jersey Shore? If not, you missed two drunk girls kissing. Sort of. We know, it’s not exactly unusual for MTV, right? But we think there’s a bit more to the story.

Here’s how it went down:

The Situation was about to “smoosh” with these blonde twins when fellow castmate Deena Cortese steals one of the women for herself.

So they make out on the dance floor (because aren’t these folks always within proximity to a dance floor and adult beverages?). It looks like Cortese and the unnamed blonde (known simply as Twin Erica) are about ready to make a speedy exit into the boudoir (in fact they do until Cortese gets cold feet). And she ditches the chick who bed jumps (literally) over to Vinny. Does this girl want to be on TV or what?

A giggling Cortese must, we presume, listen to the activity one bed over. Was the booze to blame? She says yes. In fact, she felt the need to explain the incident by saying, “When you’re drunk, sometimes you kiss girls.” And when you’re bisexual, we say sometimes you kiss girls, too. So what’s in the kiss?

We sense a little struggle going on. Cortese felt the need to confess that she’s not really a lesbian and that she’s mostly just “bi-curious.” That’s okay with us, especially since this scene seemed to have much less to do with turning the boys on and more to do with the ladies (and the ladies stealing the show). And to make it fair, even Snooki admitted she would kiss a girl if she were feeling “lesbionic.” She wasn’t. Amazingly.

Click here for the clip.