Cliff Lee Homers, Gives Phils 2-1 Edge

Plus: a high-speed chase through Center City, a Montco pastor charged for flashing, PPD's FIU is FUBAR, and more of what the city is talking about today

Cliff Lee Homers as Phils Beat Dodgers 2-1. Clifton Phifer Lee gave up only four hits and zero runs over eight innings while notching 10 strikeouts and hitting a solo home run that would end up being the difference in the game. Now it’s time that Cliff Lee gets paid. [The 700 Level]

Police Chase Shooting Suspect Through West Philly and Center City. Early this morning police saw a shooting suspect flee the scene in West Philly and gave chase. The man sped his mini-van through West Philly and Center Philly on the Vine Street Expressway before making his way to I-95 South where he tossed his weapon out of the window and rammed into three police cruisers before being caught trying to escape on foot. That never works—hasn’t that guy seen Cops? [CBS 3]

Indecent Exposure From Montco Pastor. Reverend Rick Rogers—a pastor at Montgomery County Methodist—has been charged with lewdness, indecent exposure and related charges after an investigation that stemmed from a number of complaints. The exact details of his alleged crimes have not been divulged, but it is said that the allegations do not involve minors. [6 ABC]

PPD’s Firearms Identification Unit is FUBAR. Inside the Philadelphia Police Department’s FIU is a locker labeled “FUBAR Storage.” The acronym stands for “F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition” and the locker houses receipts without corresponding guns, firearms without necessary paperwork, and weapons that the FIU isn’t sure how or why they acquired. It’s like the island of misfit toys except these toys probably have body counts and no serial numbers. [Daily News]

Philly Ranks High for Personal Income, But Not Income Growth. The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis has released data ranking cities in terms of personal income and personal income growth. Philly ranked sixth on the personal income list, but its spot on the income growth list—264th—indicates that personal income in the area has remained stagnant. So DeSean Jackson and the Scoop weren’t the only two people unable to renegotiate their contracts in the off-season. [Philadelphia Business Journal]

Super Hackers Say They’re Taking Down Facebook. The “Anonymous” internet hacking group has decreed that they will destroy Facebook. The group recently messed with numerous websites for U.S. police forces after hackers were arrested. Now, they’re saying that Facebook provides information to government agencies so that they can spy on citizens and have vowed to “kill” the social networking site. They’ve named November 5th as the date of the beginning of the cyber attack. Remember, remember the fifth of November, the internet, treason and plot. I see no reason that the Facebook treason should ever be forgot. [FOX 29]