Miley Gets Equality Tattoo

The pop star gets inked for the seventh time with a message about marriage equality

She had us at “Party in the U.S.A.,” but recently Miley Cyrus tweeted a new picture of a tattoo she got this weekend for marriage equality. It’s her lucky seventh tattoo that gives gay haters the finger, so to speak (see below). Along with the photo, she wrote: “All LOVE is Equal.”

As we told you before, the pop star has had quite a bit to say about opponents of LGBT rights and the push for marriage equality. She’s criticized former PA Senator Rick Santorum on two occasions on Twitter and has come out as a Christian in favor of equal rights for LGBT people. She also exposed Urban Outfitters for donating as much as $13,000 to Santorum’s campaign, though the Philly-based chain was quick to defend the action, saying it doesn’t reflect Urban’s corporate culture.

Way to go, Miley!

Here’s a photo of the tattoo: