Hershey Cries Name Infringement

Takes Radisson franchisee to court

The Radisson Hotel Harrisburg Hershey is a hotel in central Pennsylvania. Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company has filed a lawsuit against Radisson—and its franchisee—for using the company’s trademark in the name of the hotel. The Radisson Hotel Harrisburg Hershey is actually located a little less than half an hour’s drive west of Hershey. But, part of the issue also lies in the fact that “Hershey” isn’t legally a town. “Hershey” is actually in Derry Township but the name of the famous chocolate company has made much of the town otherwise indistinguishable. The town has Hershey High School and if you take the Turnpike from Philly your exit would be 247 Harrisburg East and the sign alerting drivers that such an exit exists sports the name “Hershey” on it. The whole issue surrounding the town’s name is complicated. The Scoop plans to keep an eye on the legal matters involving Hershey but—right now—is more concerned with getting his hands on a Hershey Dark Chocolate With Almonds bar. Now. [hotelnewsnow.com]