Top Five Posts of the Week

See what everyone else was reading on the Philly Post

1. “Can Bruce Springsteen Tour Without Clarence Clemons?” by Erica Palan
The death of the beloved saxophonist should mean the permanent end of the E Street Band. Read more.

2. “I Love Twitter” by Larry Mendte
The five funniest Philadelphians who tweet. Read more.

3. “Inside the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Sex-Abuse Scandal” by Robert Huber
Can the Catholic Church as we know it survive? Read more.

4. “Focus on the Family Messes With Mine” by Liz Spikol
June is LGBT Pride Month, but my sister isn’t proud of me. Read more.

5. “Can the Phillies Beat the Red Sox in October?” by Michael Bradley
That’s the only question that matters. Read more.