The Tony Award Winners

In case you missed last night's show because you were at Pride, we rounded up the gayest highlights for you

Stayed late at Stimulus? Couldn’t get enough Triumphant Pride? That means you probably missed the Tony Awards last night – also known as the gayest awards show on television. That’s why we rounded up a few of the winners and highlights from last night’s live show from New York’s Beacon Theatre. Openly gay actor Neil Patrick Harris did a great job paying homage to old favorites and new productions during the star-studded event.

The Book of Morman took home nine awards last night, including the Tony for Best Musical. Gay designer Scott Pask won a Tony for Best Scenic Design for the show (he’s the twin brother of Bruce Pask, also gay, who spent years as the fashion editor of The New York Times Magazine).

Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart captured three awards, including the Tony for Best Play. It’s the first time the AIDS drama has ever played Broadway, more than 20 years after it was written as a personal response to the epidemic’s impact on the gay community. Both Ellen Barkin and John Benjamin Hickey took home Tony’s for Featured Roles in the poignant play.

Some famous faces – including Jon Cryer and Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks – showed up in the revival of Stephen Sondheim’s Company, a musical about a longtime “bachelor:”

Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris also provided some comedic relief with no shortage of moments that set off our gaydar (did they just waltz together?):

And there were a few questions that left us a little puzzled after last night’s show:

What exactly was Whoopi Goldberg wearing? She let the cat out of the bag that the movie Ghost is being made into a Broadway show. Say it isn’t so!

Who knew Bono was a comic book fan? He penned Spider-Man which seems to have generated more buzz for the on-stage accidents than the actual music or acting. Hm.

And why does it seem that every other show on Broadway right now is inspired by a movie that we only ever thought people watch when they’re hungover on the sofa after Pride? Looking at you, Sister Act.

What was your favorite Tony moment? Are you heading to New York this summer to catch a show?