Michael Nutter and Arlene Ackerman Kiss and Make Up

Plus Comcast's latest money maker, ?uestlove's summer music festival, an important announcement for Phillies fans and more of what Philly is talking about today

School District Is Now Accountable. Best frenemies Arlene Ackerman and Michael Nutter held a press conference yesterday to announce that they have worked out a deal in which the city gets more say in how the school district conducts its business. [Inquirer]

PHA-Related Org Loses Non-Profit Status. As part of an IRS sweep that eliminated tax-exempt status for 275,000 organizations nationwide, PHADC—which amassed $66 million in assets under Carl Greene—was stripped of its tax-exempt status for failing to file annual reports to the IRS since 2006. [Inquirer]

You Do Not Get to Complain About the Temperature. A 12-alarm fire raged through a tire factory in Camden yesterday afternoon. Three firefighters were sent to the hospital due to the extreme heat. [Fox29]

Comcast Can Keep You Safe … Or At Least Lets You Spy on the Babysitter. Xfinity Home Security allows customers to see streaming video from wireless cameras in their home as well as receive e-mail or text alerts when doors open or close or when motion detectors report activity. [Philadelphia Business Journal]

?uestlove Is Trying So Hard to Make Philly Cooler. In addition to the usual musical acts for Fourth of July, the Roots drummer has booked acts at small clubs all over town on Independence Eve. (The radness of Diplo totally cancels out the dorkiness of Michael McDonald, right?) [In the Mix]

Phils Lose in 11. Is it just the Scoop or do you also get a little thrill out of seeing the Phillies players run out to help with the tarp? [700 Level] In other baseball news: the 700 Level has a very important message for Phillies fans. Don’t touch the freaking ball while it is in play!