Anderson Cooper by Day

The Silver Fox launches a new website and talks about reparative therapy

(courtesy of Anderson Cooper)

As Anderson Cooper gets ready to debut his new daytime talk show – called simply Anderson – he goes behind the scenes with a new website.

The show will be filmed in New York with a launch date set for Sept. 12. But fans of the Silver Fox (is he hankering to be the next Oprah?) can get a sneak peek of the show with special video segments, clips and Q&As through the summer as the host interacts with audiences online.

Do you have a question for the Coop? Just fill out a form online for a chance to be a part of this multimedia dialogue. We definitely have a few questions for the TV host – like what it’s like sharing the mic with Kathy Griffin each New Year’s Eve and what he thinks of journalists coming clean about their personal lives. So stay tuned.

You can also ogle Cooper as photos are added to an online album from his new set at the Time Warner building.

More recently, Cooper delved into the dangers of reparative therapy in a very moving segment on his current news show AC360. Here’s a clip: