The Philadelphia Orchestra May Be Bankrupt, But Its CEO Earned Nearly $600,000 Last Year

Plus trash wars in Northern Liberties, parking hikes in Center City, deadly beavers in the Northeast, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Piazza Neighbors to Bart Blatstein: You Stink. Northern Liberties residents are upset about the developer’s trash. [Daily News]

Suddenly Those Septa Buses Are Looking a Whole Lot Better. The mayor is going to make you pay more to park in Philadelphia. [CBS 3]

Where Have All the Children Gone? Statistics show that kids are disappearing from some Pennsylvania suburbs. [USA Today]

It Means “Having Wavy Hair.” A Montgomery Lackawanna County girl nails “cymotrichous” to win the National Spelling Bee. (Yes, we had to look it up.) [Boston Globe]

Beware the Beaver. No, not the Mel Gibson movie. The animal that’s terrorizing Northeast Philadelphia residents. [ABC 6]

So Much for Those Stupid Wine Kiosks. Wegmans just told the PLCB where they could put their automated wine vending machines. []

Overpaid at the Orchestra. The CEO for the bankrupt symphony earned well over a half million dollars last year. [ArtsWatch]

Dude, Where’s My Trolley? Septa unveils realtime apps for bus and trolley travel. [Plan Philly]

It’s National Donut Day! Because Philly just isn’t fat enough, Dunkin’ and Krispy are giving away free donuts today. []

It’s Philly Beer Week! Burp. [Foobooz]