Meet The Real L Word Cast

Season two starts this Sunday on Showtime

The first season of The Real L Word introduced us to a gaggle of gay gals in L.A. who get into all sorts of romantic entanglements and drama. Season two, which premieres Sunday, June 5 (10 p.m.) on Showtime, catches up with a few old friends and new faces. Here’s what you can expect from the cast:

Whitney is back. This dreadlocked free spirit is going to have to navigate a web of exes, namely Sara, a temptation she can’t seem to resist. Beyond all the romantic drama, Whitney will be refocusing her creative energy in the new season by launching a monthly women’s party in the trendy gay neighborhood of West Hollywood and working on a few special effects makeup projects with her best friend Alyssa.

Claire comes to L.A. by way of her hometown of St. Louis where she came out at 19. Now in the midst of a major move from New York City to the West Coast, with a new girlfriend in tow, Claire sets out to launch an online magazine about lesbian lifestyle and fashion, assuming her ex-girlfriend of five years (Francine) doesn’t spark any old flames that could get them both in hot water.

Enter Francine. She and blonde beauty Claire dated for five years through college and now she’s starting to make her presence known on the lesbian dating scene in L.A. As she struggles to come out to her very traditional Japanese mother and balances a successful career, she will also have to find a way to come to terms with her ex’s foray into the city and whether the former couple can leave the drama far behind them.

Fans may remember the very spunky Romi from season one, but this time she’s back for more action (hopefully) with her girlfriend Kelsey. Romi is the party girl of the group who has also managed to become a confidant among her tight circle of friends. We expect she’ll be tested in a big way as she negotiates her sometimes over-the-top alcohol use and launches her own jewelry line. Will she and Chelsea survive?

Cori‘s been with her partner Kacy for five years now – and legally married for two in California (before the state said Yes to Prop 8). Despite the turbulent legal battles on the gay marriage front, the couple may now be ready to start a family. We’ll be following along as they search for the right donor, a doctor and a way to navigate their future as potential parents. It’s a contrast from Cori’s partying ways of the past (will she finally quit smoking?).

Kacy has been a supportive presence in Cori’s life for five years. She’ll also be finding ways to deal with all the major changes they have planned – like possibly having a baby together. As the only couple who seem to be ready to start a family on the show, it’ll be interesting to see how they manage to follow through with their goals while also keeping in touch with their close circle of friends, even if it does often involve some serious drama.

Former high school prom queen Sajdah seems to have come full circle as an out and proud butch of the group. She’s new to L.A. after relocating to the West Coast from Washington D.C. and now is trying to find her path in life as the first in her family to graduate from college. Saj, as her friends call her, is a steadfast activist on behalf of the gay community. She’ll also be searching for her first real girlfriend.

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What do you think of the new cast? Will you be tuning in?