Perelmans Donate $225 Million to Penn

Plus how Pennsylvania casinos are hurting A.C., why Mia Farrow was in town last night, the latest on the gruesome Souderton murder and more of what Philly is talking about today.

Souderton Murder. Yesterday, police arrested James Troutman for the rape, beating and murder of nine-year-old Skyler Kauffman. An acquaintance of Troutman told reporters, “I’d actually expect the rape, but not the murder. He always gave off a bad vibe.” The Scoop is too horrified for comment. [Daily News]

Utley’s Recovery. In his first rehab game in Clearwater, Utley went 1-for-4. Not too shabby, sir! [] Some folks are speculating he could be back as soon as next week. [High Cheese] Unfortunately, the Phils lost to Marlins last night. [Inquirer]

Perelmans Give Crapload of Money to Penn. Raymond and Ruth Perelman have contributed $225 million to the University of Pennsylvania’s medical school. This is the largest donation in Penn’s history and the largest single gift ever to a U.S. medical school. Just putting it out there: For $225 million, the Scoop could consider renaming himself the Perelman. [New York Times]

Atlantic City Casinos Are Failing and It’s Our Fault. Pennsylvania’s table game profits are eating into A.C.’s profits. The Borgata, Trump Taj Mahal, and Trump Plaza were forced to cut staff due to the revenue loss. [Inquirer]

Mia Farrow Given Marian Anderson Award. At a gala last night, Mayor Nutter presented her with the honor. [Newsworks]

Theatre Alliance Goal: Double Attendance by 2020. They’ll do it using the Casting Couch. Which is way less creepy than it sounds. []

Action News is Famous! The station’s news van made an appearance on Body of Proof last night. [Twitter]