Phils Win With Blanton Back on the Mound

Plus a faster Acela ride to NYC might be on its way, Michael Solomonov wins a James Beard award, Urban Outfitters' diversity issues and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Faster Trains! Amtrak got $450 million from the U.S. Dept. of Transportation to make improvements to the Northeast Corridor railroad system, including a ride to NYC that’s 10 minutes faster. PA got money to improve train speeds between Philly and H’burg, too. All this courtesy of Florida, whose Republican governor turned down the government money. Apparently, they don’t have to be anywhere at any particular time down there. [Inquirer]

With Blanton Back, Phillies Beat Marlins. (Speaking of Florida losers.) Everyone agrees Joe was rusty, but he made it through five innings. [700 Level, Daily News]

Michael Solomonov Wins James Beard Award. The Zahav chef took home top restaurant industry honors for the Mid-Atlantic region last night. [Daily News]

Urban Outfitters Criticized for Lack of Diversity. There are no women or minorities on the company’s board, one mutual fund company complains. [Business Journal]

PA’s Jackpot Money. Of all gambling states, we’re number one in tax revenue from that industry. Not because casinos here have the highest revenue (NJ and Nevada do better) but because we charge the highest taxes. [CBS 3]

Priest Lies About Being SEAL to Harrisburg Patriot-News. Amid all the SEALS media frenzy of late, the Central PA newspaper ran an interview with a local priest who spoke about his SEAL adventures. Turns out, he was never in the SEALs. Though on the scale of Things Priests Lie About, the Scoop can take this one standing up. [Fox 29]