Steven Spielberg Comes to Town

Plus Ed Rendell likes the Orchestra, Stu Bykofksy and Joey Vento are about to get really, really mad, our radioactive water problem and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

In Pennsylvania Politics, Every Day is Christmas. A Montco pol and his wife have a $1,000 lunch in New York. Ed Rendell’s $1,600 orchestra seats. And Dwight Evans’ affinity for Eagles games and fancy galas. [Daily News]

Paging Joey Vento. The owner of a “Philly cheesesteak” shop in Florida was told by the local government that she is not allowed to display her American flags. [Gawker]

Paging Stu Bykofsky. A new study says that Philadelphia is number one in bicycle commuting with twice as many bikers per capita than any other major city. [CBS3]

Cash vs. Credit for NJ Gas. New Jersey politicians are taking on gas station credit card practices in the Garden State. [Fox 29]

The Future of Andre Iguodala. It looks like Number 9’s days with the Sixers are numbered. [Inquirer]

ESPN Discovers Cheesesteaks. Anyone else notice the strange amount of cheesesteak chat during last night’s (losing) Phil’s game? [700level]

Steven Spielberg in Town. The filmmaker will present Comcast CEO Brian Roberts with an award, in part for his “vision and commitment to enhancing digital literacy in schools.” How ’bout you just make Comcast not suck, Bri? []

The Water Department Pleads Ignorance. Philadelphia Water Department officials say they were in the dark about our radioactive water problem, even though the EPA has data going back to 2007. Oh, and they also say they don’t know how to fix it. [Daily News]

Ride Derails at Storybook Land. Three people, including a one-year old boy, were injured Sunday when the Big Truck Ride went off its tracks and fell on its side at the nostalgic South Jersey theme park. [Press of Atlantic City]