What We Love: Stevie Fever!

The former Fleetwood Mac legend drops a new album this week to the delight of gay fans everywhere

In honor of Stevie Nicks coming out of the silence after 10 long years (that’s a lot of “Landslide” set to repeat) fans are now being treated to a new album “In Your Dreams” with a tracks like “Secret Love” and “Cheaper Than Free.” The legend even has some star power behind this new album, including Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame and Glen Ballard (who co-wrote Alanis Morrissette’s “Jagged Little Pill”).

And while the album is already receiving rave reviews from critics and fans alike, we think it will make for an especially fascinating “Night of 1,000 Stevies” this year in New York. The drag event attracts queens from all over the country to celebrate the former Fleetwood Mac songstress, leather and lace and all.

Here’s the first single (yes, she looks amazing):