Philly’s Hottest Trainers

These guys will make you want to pump iron. By Matthew Izzo

To me, a hot trainer can be more inspiring than the music I listen to at the gym. In my quest for perfect abs – or really any abs at all – I take a lot of inspiration from the guys who keep me focused. Because the chance of actually getting to the gym is greatly improved if I know an adorable (and talented) trainer is waiting for me, I ranked my three favorite Philly trainers. These are my go-to guys who are so much more effective in getting me into fitness mode than even the P90 muscle Mary yelling at me through the TV.

And though one or more of these trainers have told me that I can’t bring Doritos to my workout anymore (bummer), my big four-oh is coming faster than swimsuit season. To paraphrase RuPaul, “I better work!”











Josh Tolin pumps it up


Trainer: Josh Tolin

Gym: 12th Street Gym

Specialities: He helps you prep for special occasions, like weddings, events, photo shoots, competitions (get ready for next year’s Mr. Gay?) and roles (both on stage and screen – and off).

What to expect: A total transformation.

Dedicated to: General health and wellness.

Interesting facts: He offers personal training online. And his favorite restaurant is Fuel.

Quote: “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” -Benjamin Franklin










Trainer: Char Biggs

Gym: Optimal Sport Health Club

What to expect: Changing the way you think about food and fitness.

Dedicated to: Training and nutritional coaching.

Interesting fact: If you need group interaction, you can join one of his boot camps.

Quote: “The past doesn’t define you – your present does. It’s okay to create a vision of your future because it effects your behavior in the now. But don’t dwell on past mistakes. Learn from them and focus on those lessons in the moment. That’s where change can really happen.”







Bill Bell’s body talks


Trainer: Bill Bell

Gym: Optimal Sport Health Club

What to expect: An individualized program just for you.

Dedicated to: Integrated fitness programs and total body conditioning.

Interesting fact: He customizes each workout for each client based on short and long-term goals and fitness needs.

Quote: “Fitness is a journey – not a destination!”

Matthew Izzo is the owner of Matthew Izzo, a new fashion and furniture boutique on 12th Street in the heart of Philly’s Gayborhood.