Allen Iverson vs. The Cops… Again

Plus the investigation into the Ackerman threats, a Phillies wedding, the city's most dangerous bars, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Wait, We Thought He Was In Turkey. Former Sixers star Allen Iverson gets “irate” with police after a simple traffic stop involving his Lamborghini. [CNN]

The Children Are the Future. At last night’s School Reform Commission meeting, the Philadelphia School District announced it would close 50 schools and “reconfigure grades.” Embattled superintendent Arlene Ackerman, who continues to exist in spite of death threats, says, “This is a plan that’s being driven by educational needs.” [Inquirer]

Speaking Of Those Threats. Could a teacher be behind the bomb threat against Ackerman? The language of the threat suggests that could be the case. [Inquirer]

Shutdown Looms. With sticky issues like abortion gumming up the negotiations in Washington, there’s still no deal in place. If you’re wondering whether you still have to go to court today or if the mailman will show up, check here. [6 ABC]

One Day, Mike, People May Just Write About You Without Mentioning Those Dogs, But Today Is Not That Day. Eagles quarterback Michael Vick in the running to grace the cover of “Madden 12,” and you can go here to cast your vote. [ESPN]

We Wonder How Much Money They Spent Figuring That Out I. A government study reveals that fully half of New Jersey’s roads are “deficient.” Governor Christie wants to spend $8 billion to change that. []

We Wonder How Much Money They Spent Figuring That Out II. An environmental group has revealed that Pennsylvania’s coal-fired power plants are bad for your health. [Post-Gazette]

Ryan Howard Off the Market. Add to the list of Phillies players with hot wives one Ryan Howard, who just proposed to his Eagles cheerleader/teacher girlfriend of two years, Krystle Campbell, seen here nicely filling out a tight leopard-print number. [PhillyGossip]

Councilwoman Mouths Off. While the mayoral race continues to become more of a joke every day (surely you’ve heard about the Milton Street endorsement?), one City Council candidate says outgoing Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller went berserk on him in the middle of City Hall. [Newsworks]

Now That’s One Big Fish. A 14-year old South Jersey girl sets a new World Record after catching a 58-pound striped bass in the Delaware Bay. [Press of Atlantic City]

Bars You May Die In. As part of a piece on nuisance bars and how hard they can be to close, the Daily News posts a fun, interactive map of Philadelphia bars where shootings occurred in 2009 and 2010. []

Computer Pioneer Dies. Jean Bartik, the last surviving programmer of the world’s first computer — which, of course, was built right here in Philadelphia — has passed away. [New York Times]

You Will Never Escape The Clutches Of Snooki. The world can rest easy. MTV announces not one but two Jersey Shore spinoffs. [Fox 29]

Festival Madness. If you notice an 80-foot-high Eiffel Tower inside the Kimmel Center, that would be for the ginormous Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts, which kicked off last night. [Philadelphia]