Lazin Calls Out Rizzo on DROP

The gay city council candidate wants Frank Rizzo, Jr., to turn over his DROP application

City Council at Large candidate Malcolm Lazin today called on his opponent in the Republican primary Frank Rizzo, Jr., to turn over his DROP application to the Board of Pensions and Retirement. Under DROP – which has become quite a controversial topic this year – city employees can retire with some very hefty payments, so hefty that critics are calling for its end in a city already plagued by money woes.

Lazin says since Councilman Rizzo made his DROP application, he’ll receive a lump sum to the tune of $194,517 for his retirement.

“Philadelphia’s pension system is underfunded and underwater by $4.9 billion,” explains Lazin. “Councilman Rizzo voted for city budgets that have not addressed the colossal deficit to fund city pensioners. For the 2010 and 2011 fiscal years, Councilman Rizzo voted for budgets that short-changed the pension plan by $235 million and simultaneously applied for a DROP payment.”

Malcolm Lazin

Lazin has stated that DROP is one of the issues he’s targeting during his campaign for council. He blames DROP for preventing Councilman Rizzo – who serves on council’s Committee on Ethics – from receiving an endorsement from the Republican City Committee. It’s the first time in a century that the group has not endorsed an incumbent, Lazin says.

“By sticking his hand in the cookie jar,” explains Lazin, “Councilman Rizzo put himself first before the interests of our uniformed employees and the City of Philadelphia.”

An inquiry by G Philly to Rizzo’s office went unanswered today.