Margot I. Boigon

Eggs. They symbolize so much: springtime, new beginnings…breakfast. Chefs are topping brunch pizzas with them, like Marshall Green does at Café Estelle, and slipping them fried into sandwiches, like they do at Paesano’s, so the warm yolk coats everything with a rich gloss. For a more traditional egg, we recommend the Prime Rib’s perfectly deviled version. While we love eating them, there’s something so pleasing about seeing them whole in their pretty speckled shells. Consider the ones pictured, which come from Farm 51 ( Along with fresh vegetables, founders Neal Santos and Andrew Olson raise chickens at this nonprofit urban farm at the unlikely intersection of 51st and Chester in West Philly. Beginning in May, they’ll sell the eggs from their front stoop every Thursday for $2.50 a dozen, bringing a whole new meaning to the word “local.”