Cat Fight on the Main Line

Plus competition for Bob Casey's senate seat, Sestak and Toomey agree on Libya, snorting bath salts and more of what Philly's talking about this morning

Cat Fight on the Main Line. Radnor Township neighbors are divided over the proposal to make feeding stray cats illegal. [6ABC]

There’s Someone Behind You, Senator Casey. The multimillionaire CEO of Dicks Sporting Goods is asking around the GOP about a possible run against Bob Casey. [Politics PA]

Sestak and Toomey Agree. Both pols are wary of America’s involvement in the attacks against Libya. Sestak is calling for President Obama to come home from South America and explain why the strikes are justified. [Newsworks]

Say No to Bath Salts. Senator Larry Farnese is introducing a bill to ban bath salt capsules because people are snorting the salts to get high. That’s fine. The Scoop prefers bubbles in his tub. [Daily News]

Dave Montgomery Hit With Ball at Spring Training. Bill Conlin was interviewing the Phillies president yesterday when Montgomery was smacked with a Ben Francisco hit. The oddest reveal: The Phils honcho carries a comb in his pocket. [Daily News]

Christmas Seems to Come Earlier Every Year, Doesn’t It? There’s a forecast of one inch of snow on the ground tomorrow. [Inquirer]

Who Needs Hallmark? Philly’s Chief Cultural Officer Gary Steuer celebrated Philadelphia’s population growth and increasing diversity by writing a piece about the changes for Huffington Post. [Huffington Post]