Temple vs. Penn State

March Madness, here we come! Plus the latest theory on Corbett's budget, photos from the Erin Express and more of what Philly is talking about today

Does Tom Corbett Hate Smart People? Not exactly, but Daily News political columnist John Baer wonders if the guv wants it to seem like he’s taking an anti-intellectual, pro-welfare approach to managing PA’s budget. [Daily News]

We Are(n’t) Penn State. Temple drew a seventh seed spot in this year’s NCAA tournament. They’ll play Penn State in the first round. [CSN]

Cop Shot in Kensington. Officer Richard Nicoletti was shot in the chest on Sunday after a struggle with a suspect. Nicoletti ‘s vest prevented any major injuries and he was released from Temple University Hospital a few hours after the incident. [6ABC]

Thanks, US Airways. The company is moving 205 jobs to Philadelphia. [Philadelphia Business Journal]

Joe Sestak Wins an Oscar! Well, kinda. His campaign commercial was awarded a Pollie, considered “the Oscars of political advertising.” [Roll Call]

A Surprising Lack of Vomit. In case you somehow managed to miss them this weekend, Philly.com’s got photos from the Erin Express. The Scoop’s first thought? There is no way that photographer got paid enough. [Philly.com]