Um, Who Are You Calling Old?

Sports Illustrated's Tom Verducci pulls out the walkers for the Phillies

Tom Verducci’s analysis of our Phils this year: They’re old, old, old. He says Chase Utley has “aged quickly” and then goes on to list all the players on the team who are in their decrepit 30s. “Ryan Howard, 31, Utley, 32, Carlos Ruiz, 32, Jimmy Rollins, 32, Placido Polanco, 35, Raul Ibañez, 38 … Wilson Valdez, 32 …” And then, as far as the Scoop’s concerned, he really crossed the line:

Oh, and about that great starting rotation? Do you expect them to make all of their starts? Lee is 32, Roy Oswalt is 33 and Roy Halladay is 33. It is unusual for three guys on the same team age 32 and older to make at least 32 starts.

It’s obvious from Verducci’s bio that he’s well past his 30s. And while the guy gets a little slack for sporting a Penn State degree, the Scoop must also point out this tidbit from Verducci’s past: “He broke into sports journalism covering the New York Mets …”