Citypaper and Philadelphia Weekly Need to Step It Up

The A.V. Club's Philadelphia edition lauched today

Good news for local culture junkies: The Onion’s local edition, the A.V. Club, launched this morning. Bad news for the alt-weeklies: The A.V. Club’s curated listings and easy-to-use website are sure to give Citypaper and Philadelphia Weekly a run for their (obviously dwindling amounts of) money. Peep the mission-statement portion of  the A.V. Club’s intro here.

We’ll be publishing interviews, reviews, and enough listings to keep you entertained every day of the week. We’ll be scouring the music, food, film, and arts and culture scenes to keep you posted on what’s worthwhile. We’ll be talking to figures local and national, commenting on all the crazy things that go on in this town, and probably discussing the Fab Four more than is justified in an arts-and-culture forum.

However, if the A.V. Club really wants to impress Philly’s cultured community, they should probably get neighborhood names right. (Clemente Park, mentioned earlier in the post, is in Spring Garden, not Fairmount.) [A.V. Club Philadelphia]