Chase Utley Has Knee Tendinitis

Plus Jayson Werth's whining, the PHA board's resigning, and more of what Philly's talking about today

Chase Utley Suffers Knee Injury. The Scoop speaks for everyone when he grumbles, “Oh shit.” [700 Level]

Jayson Werth Hates the Phillies. Or so he told the Nationals GM Mike Rizzo, who also isn’t a fan of our boys. The Scoop would be upset, but he’s too busy worrying about players who are still in Philadelphia to care about what some whiny guys in D.C. are saying. [Washington Post]

Feds Want the Entire PHA Board to Resign. Board President John Street originally said the entire board would step down. Board members aren’t so sure about that. Check out the full statement. [6ABC]

Ronnie Polaneczky Gets Priest Fired. On February 17th, Polaneczky wrote about Father Jim St. George, pastor of an Antioch-rite Catholic Church that allows priests to be male or female, gay or straight. The next day Father Jim was canned from Chestnut Hill College. It took days to receive confirmation from the school, but it’s official: Father Jim was fired for being gay. a fact school officials hadn’t known. Because that’s really what the Catholics should be worried about right now.

Transgender Public Transit Riders Want Equality. They’d like SEPTA to stop issuing gender-specific passes. SEPTA blames lack of technology — if we had a smartcard system, they wouldn’t need gender-specific passes, because each ride would be paid for. Yet another reason our public transit system sucks. [Inquirer]

Jeffrey Lurie, Oscar Winner. The Eagles owner took home an Academy Award last night for Inside Job. Who’d a thunk he’d win an Oscar before a Super Bowl? [CSN]