Hey Comcast, give Al-Jazeera a shot

Like they’re any more a propaganda outlet than Fox News.

Al-Jazeera To Comcast? The Qatar-owned network that has performed brilliantly during the latest Middle East turmoil—seriously, bookmark this link—wants Comcast to carry the channel, which is only available in a tiny handful of American markets. And despite Bill O’Reilly’s delusions, content with an Arab perspective is not necessarily anti-American; there is, indeed, a certain amount of delicious irony in a Fox News host—a freaking Fox News host!—labeling anything else a propaganda network (although said irony will be completely lost on your average Fox News viewer). And anyway, is allowing Americans to see world news filtered through another worldview a bad thing? We think not. So, come on, Comcast, make this happen. [Inquirer]