Jayson Werth Still Talking Phillies

Plus City Council's slow-enough-to-be-considered-torture DROP movements, Carlos Ruiz's double, the Inky's Rick Nichols says goodbye, Center City protest rallies, Toll Brothers profits up and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Council to Talk DROP. The esteemed folks on City Council might finally schedule a hearing to discuss DROP in … April. President Anna Verna says maybe they can fix the program. They truly have contempt for us, don’t they? [CBS 3]

Jayson Werth Can’t Quit Us. The bearded one, who started Nationals spring training yesterday with plenty of facial hair, still has some opinions about his old team, including the one about how the Phillies could’ve had him and Cliff Lee. [Daily News] In other baby-related Phillies news, Dan Gross reported last night that Stephenie Kendrick (formerly LaGrossa) has Facebook-announced she and husband pitcher Kyle Kendrick are expecting.

An Egyptian-Style Rally Coming to a Philly Corner Near You. Well, maybe not. But just to prove that Libya fever is indeed spreading west, there are two—two!—rallies scheduled for Center City this week. The first is at the Comcast Center, which you might think is a no-brainer. However, this one’s about taxes and Comcast not paying enough of them. This Thursday at the municipal building, protestors will gather in support of the Wisconsin protestors. The Scoop won’t quote exactly what his dad has to say about these upcoming events, but the phrase starts with “pinko.” [Young Philly Politics]

Rick Nichols Leaving Inquirer. Michael Klein reveals that the food columnist is leaving the paper to “pursue his own writing.” Nichols has worked there since 1978.

Is This Town Big Enough for Two Carlos Ruizes? We’ll have to be now that the Union has signed hotshot soccer player Carlos Ruiz. [CSN]

Toll Brothers Makes Profit. Good recession news? The Horsham-based home construction biz actually made money in the first quarter. Exec Robert Toll “said the company is cautiously optimistic heading into spring.” [AP via Philly.com]