Will Winter Ever End?

(No.) Plus: Tom Knox’s surprise, things not to say in emails, T-minus four days until the Phillies, and more of what Philly’s talking about this morning

Agh, Will Winter Ever End? No. Well, not soon enough, anyway. [Inquirer]

Tom Knox’s “Surprise” Announcement at 10 AM. The DN thinks he’s sitting this year out; that would mean, barring an eleventh hour surprise, Nutter—who 53 percent (!) of voters don’t think deserves another term—will get a free pass this year. [Daily News]

“This bar will not open again. You have my word on it.” Following a fatal shooting at the T&T Lounge in Frankford over the weekend, Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez’s office has pledged to get the bar—which neighbors describe as rife with loud music and open drug dealing—shut down once and for all. [Daily News]

How To Write An Email That Could Get You Fired: Be a school official who refers to your township’s two black public works employees as “silver back mountain gorillas … you should see them with a snow blower that has a banana tied to the front of it, they go through a blizzard like nothing you have ever seen.” [Inquirer]

Cole Hamels To Open Grapefruit League. Against the Yankees on Saturday. Which is, like, four days away! [Phillies Notebook]

Speaking Of Not Sucking … Is it possible the Sixers may break the .500 mark? It’s possible, and maybe by the end of the week. [Philly.com]