Death to the Inverted Pyramid!

Plus: Egypt in turmoil, winter still sucks, Curtis Jones Jr.’s grammar, teenage bullies, and more of what Philly’s talking about this morning

Dear Winter, Please Go Away. Respectfully, The Scoop. More snow and ice and car crashes out there this morning, and freezing rain tonight and tomorrow. Yay. [Inquirer]

Larry Platt at the DN, Day Two. Here’s his introduction to readers on the changes to come (Ed Rendell! Buzz Bissinger!). [Daily News] And here’s yesterday’s similarly worded manifesto to DN journalists, wherein he liberates them from the tyranny of the inverted pyramid. [Pastebin via Philadelphia Will Do]

Your Quick Primer on Egypt. From Will Bunch, with a cringe-inducing headline. [Daily News] Related: Here’s a letter from a group of political scientists, historians and Middle East researchers—including David Faris of Chicago’s Roosevelt University, who grew up here and last year completed his polisci/international relations doctorate at Penn—urging President Obama to fully embrace the democratic movement. “We urge your administration to seize this chance, turn away from the policies that brought us here, and embark on a new course toward peace, democracy and prosperity for the people of the Middle East. And we call on you to undertake a comprehensive review of US foreign policy on the major grievances voiced by the democratic opposition in Egypt and all other societies of the region.” [Arabist]

Your Quick Primer on City Elections. Mayor Nutter has more money than he knows what to do with, so he’s just giving it away. [Daily News] Tangential: Whoever’s running Councilman Curtis Jones Jr.’s Facebook page would do well to hire a copy editor. [Facebook]

Upper Darby Police Arrest Six Members of Teenage “Wolfpack.” After a cell-phone video of seven bullies harassing, chasing and assaulting 13-year-old Nadin Khoury, then using his coat to hang him on a 7-foot fence post, made the rounds, the police cuffed-and-stuffed six of the seven participants in the paddy wagon (the cops are still searching for the seventh). Most disgusting part: “Nobody at the Upper Darby apartment complex where the beating occurred contacted authorities, despite Nadin’s yelling at the top of his lungs. ‘He’s screaming for his life and no one calls us,’ said police Capt. George Rhoades.” [Daily News]

Another Cool Idea From The William Penn Foundation. In the mag this month, we told you about how the William Penn Foundation was funding an incubator program at Temple aimed at helping small news sites become sustainable. Now, the Foundation has partnered with the Institute for Public Affairs at Temple and Technically Philly to launch Transparencity, a project focusing on “collaborative projects using technology and journalism to increase the availability and use of actionable government data.” [Technically Philly]