Advertising Circulars = Litter

If the Nutter administration is really serious about cleaning up the streets, they should ban this now BY JANINE WHITE

I don’t know how it works in your neighborhood, but Spring Gardenians get an extra helping of litter on ad circular day. In the wee hours, a delivery guys drops off bundles of circulars on street corners—yes, in rain and snow—where they then sit exposed—in rain and snow (see picture)—for hours until another person arrives to distribute those that aren’t ruined to rowhouse stoops where they become “stoop” litter as renters step around them and over them until they eventually blow away and become neighborhood litter. Yes, I’m certain some people do want/need these coupons. So the city should force the companies to find out who those people are so they can deliver them to those people directly instead of contributing to our city’s trashy-street problem.