Enjoy a Snow Day in the Gayborhood

Where to go for great finds, hot chocolate and gossip. By Matthew Izzo

Courtesy of Blue Lotus Gallery

As the snow falls outside today, I am sad to report that we must say goodbye to our friends at the Blue Lotus Gallery. The worldly shop is closing its door this Saturday, Jan. 30. But that means you still have time to trudge through the white stuff to stop by and pick up a wonderful treasure with plenty of international flavor – like a gorgeous Cambodian silk handbag, a handwoven Tibetan rug, or colorful vintage pillow covers from Nepal and Uzbekistan. Blue Lotus, you will be missed.

Yes, it’s cold out. It’s downright freezing. So put on your Parada snow boots, your Marc Jacobs ski jacket and Gucci sunglasses and get thee to Naked Chocolate. Philly is lucky to have two locations in Center City – including one in the heart of the Gayborhood – that serves up sumptuous snacks and hot concoctions. I always enjoy a cup of rich hot chocolate – the best cup ever. It’s perfect for washing down a decadent cupcake piled high with chocolate icing.

But after indulging in that sweet snack you may want to hit the 12th Street Gym. It’s big. It’s strong. And it’s in the center of the gay universe. The best part of 12th Street is being able to get ripped while gossiping with friends to a Lady Gaga workout remix. Not a member? Take a virtual tour. Spring is just around the corner, friends. You better work!

Matthew Izzo is the owner of Matthew Izzo, a fashion and furniture boutique in Old City.