The Duck Boat Star Chamber

Plus a former Philly Mag editor goes to the DN; news about snowblowers, guns and floating cars; a Four Loko bust; an unusual candidacy and more of what Philly’s talking about this morning.

Larry Platt to Head Daily News. After Philly Mag’s Steve Volk reported on the Post yesterday morning that Platt, the erstwhile editor of this publication, would soon be tapped as editor of the DN, the papers’ owner, Philadelphia Media Network, announced that, yes, this was happening, and DN editor Michael Days would become managing editor at the Inquirer. [Daily News]

In It to … Uh, Shut It Down. John Kromer, the city’s housing director under Rendell, is running for sheriff on a platform of dismantling the troubled row office once and for all. [Daily News]

Allen Iverson Is Not Retiring. Well, at least, that’s what he’s saying. The former Sixer, on his way to the States for ankle surgery, apparently told his manager that he wants to be back in Turkey for that league’s playoffs (whenever that is). [Fox 29]

If Four Loko Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Four Loko. Take it away, Fox 29: “Police in North Jersey have arrested three women for allegedly selling ‘Four Loko’ to undercover officers. And get this: They were looking for $335 for the three cases.” Clearly, this is a good use of police officers’ time. [Fox 29]

Car Found Floating in the Schuylkill Along Kelly Drive. As far as the cops can tell, no one was inside, but there’s a chance the driver or a passenger was in the river, and, considering how damn frigid that river is right now, that doesn’t bode well. [Inquirer]

A Bensalem Man Threatens a Snow-Plower With a 9MM. For supposedly blowing snow at his car, or something. Enjoy prison, dickbag. [Daily News]

The Inky Asks a Very Good Question. “Why is Mayor Nutter’s administration applying star-chamber secrecy to its deliberations on a public policy issue of widespread interest: whether to let duck-boat tours disrupt the bucolic Schuylkill? This isn’t exactly the Manhattan Project.” So much for transparency. [Inquirer]