Dog Days of January?

A Michael Vick defender, and a local "spokesdog" campaign

What’s with all the dog shit? Literally. The Philadelphia Water Department has received more than 80 submissions from local pet owners vying to have their pooch become the department’s “spokesdog.” At the link, you can vote for your favorite eco-friendly dog and read some fascinatingly gross dog waste stats. The winners “will … teach bark-park buddies and their caretakers about the importance of picking up pet waste.” Under the helpful, “What Can You Doo?” (yes, Doo) title, the site reminds people to “never put pet waste into a storm drain.” Really isn’t that the bigger issue in Philly? That its citizens believe storm drains are garbage cans? Meanwhile, L.A. Times columnist Sandy Banks argues today that giving Eagles QB Michael Vick a dog for a pet would be a good idea. In fact, she thinks he should be ordered to get one.