Toomey Goes Mainstream

Plus the wussification of America, our first female sheriff, dead bodies in landfills, second thoughts on casinos and more of what Philly is talking about today.

Former Bush Administration Aide’s Body Turns Up In Wilmington Landfill. Joseph Wheeler III, perhaps best known for helping to get the Vietnam War memorial built, was found Friday when a garbage truck unloaded its contents. He hadn’t been reported missing, and police don’t yet know where his body was originally dumped. [Washington Post]

The City Has Its First Female Sheriff. Governor Rendell appointed outgoing Sheriff John Green’s chief of staff, Barbara Deeley, to his post. Now, the forthcoming forensic audit (and accompanying insinuations of corruption) of the Sheriff’s Office’s books is her problem. Gender equality! Oh, and if your blood pressure is entirely too low this morning, check out this little nugget from the DN: “Green is enrolled in the city’s controversial Deferred Retirement Option Plan, which means he will receive a $397,488 lump-sum payment and then a pension of $8,464 per month.” [Daily News]

Ed Discovers His Inner Truthiness. Our soon-to-be-ex gov (and his combover) went on Stephen Colbert’s program last night to discuss the wussification of America. [Colbert Nation via Newsworks]

Speaking of Ed: Now He Tells Us. Maybe Philly doesn’t need two casinos after all, Rendell muses. [Daily News]

DRPA cops to Camden? No. In response to a plan that was apparently never actually real, DRPA board member (and Philly labor leader) John Dougherty wrote a letter opposing the idea of having Port Authority cops patrol Camden after that city lays off half its police force later this month. [Inquirer]

You Can’t Be Jim DeMint in Pennsylvania.” Big New York Times profile on incoming Senator Patrick Toomey, a darling of the right who has already made some moves toward the center, even before taking office. (Programming note: That bolded quote comes from Arlen Specter’s former chief of staff, lobbyist David Urban. Read our profile of Urban in this magazine’s February issue.) [NY Times]

Penn Falls to Kentucky. Though, for that first half, it looked like an upset was in order. [Daily News]

Holy Crap That’s A Lot of Money. Today’s Mega Millions drawing is worth $330 million. [Fox 29]