Playoffs: Eagles Vs. Packers

Plus Michael Coard takes on The New York Times, Northeast Philly struggles with poverty, the Friends of the Barnes are still protesting and more of what Philly is talking about today

Eagles Lose to Cowboys. But who cares? We’re facing the Packers in the first round of the playoffs. [700 Level]

Flyers Win in Detroit. For the first time since 1988! [6ABC]

Michael Coard is Pissed. A cultural critic at The New York Times didn’t like the newly opened President’s House. Coard believes the exhibit focuses on a important issues concerning freedom and slavery and shot back with a letter to the editor.[CBS3]

Lower Northeast Philly Faces Rising Poverty Levels. According to this article, this is mostly due to an influx of non-white residents in the area. [Inquirer]

Rendell Helps Wounded Trooper. In his final days as PA governor, Ed Rendell does state trooper Scott Hawley a solid. The guv intervened in the ongoing legal battle surrounding Hawley’s on-duty back injury. [Inquirer]

Yet Another Barnes Protest. Seriously, someone give these people a medal for persistence. And then remind them that there are other issues in the world that need attention. [Inquirer]

Le Bec-Fin Will Not Close. Shocking. No, really, Georges, no one saw that coming. [The Insider]