The Billion-Dollar Bust?

Plus: The Eagles’ narrow escape (again, sigh), chaos in Camden (shocking), Ackerman under suspicion, natural gas shenanigans, and more of what Philly is talking about today

Seriously, People Are Still Fighting About the Barnes. Auditor General Jack Wagner, and maybe Treasurer Rob McCord, are refusing to sign off on a $1 billion bond outgoing Gov. Ed Rendell wants to take out to finance a litany of projects, including the controversial relocation of the Barnes. [Capitol Ideas, Inky]

In Marcellus Shale-Related News … A natural gas company is trying to use eminent domain to take private property for a gas pipeline. [Pocono Record]

Police Cuts in Second Most Dangerous City. Last night, Camden’s City Council approved a plan to lay off 25 percent of the city’s workforce, including police and firefighters, to plug a $28 million budget deficit after Trenton cut state aid to the beyond-troubled city (thanks, Chris Christie!). The remaining cops will now form a perimeter around city limits to ensure that no one gets in or out. (Kidding … but not by much.) [Newsworks]

Thomas Gluck vs. Arlene Ackerman. The state’s acting education secretary is quite curious this latest  Ackerman brouhaha — wherein she allegedly intervened to award a no-bid surveillance contract to a minority firm, as former Inky editor William Marimow reported — and wants answers. [Inky]

A Skating Rink at City Hall! Councilman Darrell Clarke introduced a bill that would basically turn over the west side of City Hall to the Center City District for the next 30 years. Per the Inky: “The plans call for a large and concert-friendly lawn partially covered by a cluster of trees, a programmable fountain that could double as a skating rink and that pedestrians could walk across when it was not in use, a cafe that would remain lighted at night, and glass pavilions that would lead to — and light up — the subway system below.” [Inky]

Michael Vick: Tough Guy. And, finally, for like the bajillionth time this year, Michael Vick rallied the Eagles to a victory over a lesser opponent, this time the Houston Texans. And once again, Vick was knocked down — over and over again — but not out. “It’s not that bad,” he said. “They may look harder than what they seem. But it’s not that bad. If I take one and I stay down, then you know I took a good one. I’m a pretty tough guy.” [DN]