Camden’s Police Layoffs

Plus McFadden's settled a race discrimination lawsuit, Philly teachers talk union, the whole Christmas sign is now being removed at City Hall and more of what we're chattering about this morning

Camden Plans to Lay Off Half of Police Force. Just last week the Scoop mentioned that St. Louis had surpassed the NJ town on the most dangerous city list. So its drop to #2 means Camden needs fewer police? Umm, OK. [Inquirer]

McFadden’s Settles Discrimination Lawsuit. And thanks man who sued them “for bringing the discrimination he experienced and witnessed to our attention.” The Scoop also thinks they might be thankful that man, Michael L. Bolden, isn’t asking for monetary compensation. [Inquirer]

What Philly Teachers Think of Unions. In response to criticisms found in the movie Waiting for Superman, which examines the state of our education system, some Philadelphia teachers speak about their opinion of the teacher unions. Warning: Some of this may make your blood boil. [The Notebook]

Christmas Controversy at City Hall. As we noted yesterday, the word “Christmas” was removed from the German village market at Dilworth Plaza, and the Daily News says their story on this brought national attention to the name-change of what is basically — as far as the Scoop can tell — a sales shantytown with a carousel thrown in. To be clear, no one’s talking about removing “commercialism” from the “holiday.” [6ABC]

West Chester-Based Medical Company Pleads Guilty. Synthes Inc. played fast and loose with the FDA’s approval process over its bone cement. In addition to a $23 million fine, four company execs (hailing from West Chester, Berwyn, Malvern and Coatesville) could go to jail over this. [LA Times]

Bottle Refund Axed in Delaware. No longer can Delawarians return their bottles for a nickel a pop. Who was doing this anyway? The Fonz? Potsie? [Newsworks]