Christmas Village Deemed Offensive

So they're changing the name. Plus why your gas bill will be cheaper, where Rendell stands on guns, what's up with Jamie Moyer and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Christmas Village Offensive. Or at least the use of the word “Christmas” bothers some patrons and workers of the seasonal fair on Dilworth Plaza, so the name has been changed to the German Holiday Village. Yes, that’s better. Now, what to do about that large holiday tree … ? [Daily News]

Pay Less for Gas. PGW is reducing the amount it charges customers for gas to $1.50 per hundred cubic feet from $1.60 per hundred cubic feet, effective Wednesday. [Philadelphia Business Journal]

DRPA Divided. Delaware River Port Authority officials are looking for cuts in their proposed 2011 budget to delay increases in bridge tolls and PATCO train fares. [Inquirer]

Rendell Gives Up on Guns. “The legislature proved consistently in my eight years that they are scared to death to buck the NRA,” he said. “It’s incredibly frustrating, the hold the NRA has over the legislature. It’s embarrassing.” [Inquirer]

In Other Gun-Related News … A hunter was found shot in the chest yesterday in Richland. The  death is being treated as suspicious. [The Intelligencer]

Jamie Moyer to Undergo Elbow Surgery. The 48-year-old Phillies pitcher and Souderton native remains “cautiously optimistic” about returning to the team. The Scoop would like to remind Jamie that sometimes winners do quit.  [NBC Sports] In fact, Jamie, some people are already saying you have no chance of pitching next season. [High Cheese]

Local Football Team Going to the Super Bowl! The North Philly Blackhawks clinched their spots in the Pop Warner Super Bowl.  [NewsWorks]