Will Michael Vick Bolt from the Eagles?

Says the team's "loyalty" will be factor in where he plays. Plus: A huge tax hike on the Main Line, St. Joe's kids get totally f----ed up, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Greene Wants Big Dough. The embattled PHA director is seeking $4 million from the board, which he says shouldn’t have fired him. The board’s gnome-like lawyer, Dick Sprague, has one word for Greene’s demand: “Absurd.” [Inquirer]

Main Line Taxes Will Spike. Lower Merion is looking at a 12.7 percent hike in property taxes. [Main Line Times]

More Racism Questions About McFadden’s. A promoter who had her popular midweek bash cacelled by McFadden’s is now wondering — thanks to a lawsuit alleging racism at the bar — if it’s because her event was attracting folks who didn’t have white skin. [Daily News]

Don’t Drink the Four Loko! A handful of St. Joe’s students were hospitalized after getting seriously f-ed up on Four Loko, that totally awesome beverage containting mega-amounts of caffeine and alcohol. Look, kids, let’s just stick with Jell-o shots from now on, ok? [Daily News]

Will Vick Stick with the Eagles? The QB, who’s due to become a free agent at the end of the year, says he’ll take the Eagles “loyalty” into consideration and likely give them first shot at signing him. [Philly.com]

Cop Sniffs Out Huge Pot Ring. A cop smelled something funny — and it turned out to be  $10 million worth of pot being grown in suburban Jersey. (Don’t tell those partying St. Joe’s kids — they’ll be across the bridge before you know it.) [Philly.com]

Campbell’s Lowers Earnings Expectations. Not a good year for soup, apparently. [Business Journal]

National Musum of American Jewish History Opens Today. And the NY Times has a (mixed) review. [NY Times]