Silly State Laws and Gay Marriage No-Nos

The Huffington Post spotlights ridiculous legislation

The Huffington Post takes a very funny, off-the-beaten path approach to state laws in a new post today, “13 Ridiculous Laws States Would Rather Have Than Gay Marriage.”

For instance, in Sarah Palin country, it’s unlawful to view moose from an airplane. In Florida, did you know unmarried women who parachute on Sundays could face imprisonment? It’s true. And in Kansas, sorry, but wine is forbidden when served in tea cups.

In addition to these loony laws, all 13 of the states mentioned also ban gay marriage, stating in pretty certain terms that marriage is between and man and a woman. Just don’t go and try to kiss anyone on the sly in Riverside, Calif., where the local health ordinance says both parties need to first wipe their lips with carbonized rose water.

So yeah, it’s good to have priorities.