Atlantic City Business Picking Up

Plus a flash mob at Macy's, Duck Boats on the Schuylkill, Donovan McNabb gets benched, the start of Philadelphia Comedy Month and more of what everyone is talking about this morning

Good News for Atlantic City. Gambling revenue’s still down, but more money is coming in to restaurants, hotels, entertainment. The biggest draw? The pool at Harrah’s. Which, really, is another kind of gambling. [Washington Post]

Flash “Mob” at Macy’s Over Weekend. Not because cashmere was on sale, or even to protest the too-early start of Christmas shopping season. No, 650 folks burst into song just for the heck of it. Or, if you must be cynical, to promote the Opera Company of Philadelphia. []

Inga Saffron Takes on the Duck Boats. What does the Inquirer’s architecture critic think of quacking tourists on the Schuylkill River? The Scoop’s not French, but one word comes to mind: pâté. [Inquirer]

Appointed Judges Will Cost Us. Governor Rendell’s appointment of six judges will cost about $600,000. Chief Justice Ronald Castille asked the Guv not to make any more appointments because the judiciary budget is running a deficit. Ha. “Deficit.” You’re going to have to come up with a better reason than that, Castille. [, CBS3]

McNabb Benched. With a minute left to play against the Detroit Lions and one point behind. Ouch. But the agreeable Donovan later said of his coach, “He makes the decisions. I just continue to go with it and just cheer for my team.” Wait, does McNabb want to be a cheerleader now? [Fox 29]

Today Is the First Day of Philadelphia Comedy Month. And oh, there’s an election tomorrow. The Scoop just loves jokers. [Daily News]