Little Roy Pitches, Runs, Scores!

Oswalt proved himself a triple threat last night. Plus: Kevin Kolb really wants the job, that howling you hear in Valley Forge isn't Washington's ghost, and more of what the city's chattering about this morning

Sometimes It’s Good to Ignore the Third-Base Coach. Not only did he throw a three-hit, one-run game, but Roy Oswalt waved off a hold sign and trucked into home to kick off a seventh-inning rally. [Phillies, The 700 Level]

So That’s What It Takes to Get Decent 3G Around Here. Verizon is temporarily upgrading its wireless network around the ballpark. [Business Journal]

Time for Quarterback Controversy 3.0? Once-upon-a-time starter Kevin Kolb went 23-for-29 and 326 yards yesterday, leading the Eagles to a 31-17 win over the Falcons. [Daily News]

The Answer to Valley Forge’s Deer Problem? Coyotes! So says one animal-rights group trying to halt planned culls over the next four years. [Inquirer]

Final Pa. Gubernatorial Debate Tonight. With a third of voters still undecided, Tom Corbett and Dan Onorato spar for the last time at 7. [6 ABC]

Johnny Doc Just Wants to Give an Ex-Co(uncilma)n a Break. Rick Mariano kept up his electricians union dues while in jail, so union head John Dougherty says he’s free to head to the hall and get working again. [WHYY]